Reduce TV/Screen Time with this Tip

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Is your child spending countless hours in front of a TV or tablet? Do you wish that your child would spend their time doing other things such as playing outside, reading or doing homework and chores?

Have them “buy” their screen time instead. For every one minute they would like to spend in front of the TV or tablet, they must spend one minute doing an activity of your choice such as homework, playing outside, chores or reading. They will need to purchase their time with these minutes. Time doing these things at school does not count and banking time from a previous day does not work either. Time must be used on day it’s earned.

Give it a try! You may be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Z-Pass Offers Parents Peace of Mind

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Our students’ safety is the primary concern at East Guernsey Local School District. With that in mind, Z-Pass was implemented this year to help ensure the safe transportation of children to and from school and school related events. Z-Pass is a student ridership tracking and monitoring system that uses a radio frequency identification device on the bus and student cards to track the date, time and location of each student’s entry and exit from the school bus. Once students pass their cards in front of small scanner on the bus, their identification information is immediately available to the school district and to parents through a login protected website, text message or mobile device app.

Knowing when and where students get on and off the bus gives everyone that added peace-of-mind and a whole new level of assurance. To lean more, or to sign up for Z-Pass, go to or contact Transportation Director, Julia Cunningham, at (740) 489-5100.

The Benefits of Reading Books

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It is our goal that every student develops a passion for reading. We provide many opportunities on a daily basis for students to be exposed to a variety of texts. Every once and awhile we are faced with the question, “Why do we have to read?”  Here are a variety of ways to answer this question.

  1. Reading exercises your brain.
  2. Reading increases your ability to empathize with others.
  3. Reading improves concentration and focus.
  4. Reading helps develop creativity.
  5. Reading is entertaining.
  6. Reading provides knowledge and information.
  7. Reading enriches language and vocabulary.
  8. Reading reduces stress and puts you in a better mood.