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  • Be Prepared for the First Day of School

    Shop from the teacher’s supply list Sharpen all of the pencils Turn in forms on time Return to a school bedtime routine Prep for lunchtime by practicing how to open items in lunches Label all of your child’s things Keep reading at home each day Remind your kids that you expect their best, but that […]

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  • Tips for making Praise Matter

    Praising children is very important whether you are a teacher or a parent. Here are some tips that will help make praise mean more to the child. Be Specific. “Good job Johnny” is not specific and can be said to anyone for any reason. “Johnny, I noticed that reading that paragraph was tough, but you […]

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  • Open House

    Open House is an opportunity for families to come to school and meet teachers for the upcoming school year. It also gives students a chance to see where they will be for the year and can help reduce stress and anxiety. It also gives parents a chance to connect with the school and possibly sign […]

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