Central Office Administration

Adam M. Pittis, Superintendent
Email: adam.pittis@eguernsey.k12.oh.us
Phone: 740-489-5190

Chase Rosser, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Email: chase.rosser@eguernsey.k12.oh.us
Phone: 740-489-5190

Cindi Johnson, Director of Student Services
Email: cindi.johnson@eguernsey.k12.oh.us
Phone: 740-489-5100


Buckeye Trail Jr.-Sr. High School Contact Info

Principal: Bill Hartmeyer
Email: bill.hartmeyer@eguernsey.k12.oh.us

Assistant Principal: Bryan Conlon
Email: bryan.conlon@eguernsey.k12.oh.us

65555 Wintergreen Road
Lore City, OH 43755
Phone: (740) 489-5005
Fax: (740) 489-9839


Buckeye Trail Elementary School Contact Info

Principal: Casey Tolzda
Email: casey.tolzda@eguernsey.k12.oh.us
65553 Wintergreen Road Lore City, OH 43755
Phone: (740) 489-5100
Fax: (740) 489-9049