Online Forms

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This year we are excited to announce an online parent portal called OneView. The OneView portal is where you will find all the forms that student typically bring home the first week of school such as the handbook agreement, emergency care cards, etc. Sign-Up is easy and you can create your account at Please follow the instructions here.

We will be sending home instructions with students on the first day. If you or someone you know needs help feel free to contact the district.

Phone Notification System

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Recently we have implemented a new phone notification system to communicate with parent/students of the district. A new feature of this system is a toll free number you can call to listen to recent messages in case you missed it. Please save 855-994-4242 in your phone. This is the number you’ll see when receiving a notification from the district (school news, updates, snow updates, etc). If you see a missed call from this number you can call it back and listen to the most recent messages. If you would like to change the phone number you receive notifications at you can update this information when filling out your students online school forms.

If you have any questions feel free to call the district.

Parents – New Vaccination Requirements

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Attention Parents of Students Entering the 7th and 12th Grade

Students entering the 7th grade are now required to have one dose of meningitis vaccine in addition to the previously required Tdap vaccine.

Students entering the 12th grade are required to have two doses of meningitis vaccine.

Please plan to have your student vaccinated prior to the start of this school year. Vaccines may be available through your private physician, as well as the Cambridge-Guernsey County Health Department.

Immunization are available at the Cambridge-Guernsey County Health Department on
*Mondays 9:00-11:00am and 2:00-5:00pm
*Fridays 8:00am-4:00pm

The Cambridge-Guernsey County Health Department will also hold an evening back-to-school clinic on Thursday, August 11th from 1:00-7:00pm.

ZPass – Transportation Safety

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Safety is a high priority at East Guernsey Schools.  Knowing where students are is one of the best ways to keep kids safe.  ZPass give us access to the location data like never before.  We recently began to implement this on all our bus routes with all students.  Students will receive an ID badge that they will use to swipe on and off of buses.  This allows us to know real time when and where students are.

For more information on the new system please see the documents below or go to  You can also contact Julia Cunningham, Transportation Supervisor, at or 740-489-5100.

ZPass+ Account Setup for Parents

ZPass Fact Sheet for Parents

ZPass FAQs (Parent)

ZPass+ Parent Brochure